Our mission is to create programs and initiatives that provide a space for people to come together to make an impact in their community. Our hope is that through this work a seed of giving will be planted; a seed that fosters continued and consistent community support and that celebrates the difference we can make collectively.

Monthly Meals

Our Monthly Meals Program brings our Ubuntu friends and family together to prepare and deliver ~150 hot meals to organizations in our community who serve people in need. Our goal with this program is to elevate the work that these organizations are doing, while offering them some reprieve for one meal a month. The farther reach however is to remind people how good it feels to do good, and to help our community understand how much goes into creating a single meal for those who don’t have.

Fewer Roads

Fewer Roads is a space for People of Colour to explore the beauty of nature together. Every month we’ll venture to a new trail location and embark on a group run at a mellow ‘talk pace’. Together we’ll uncover the physical and mental health benefits of being in the outdoors, and continue to help change the ‘look’ of outdoor sports and spaces. It’s not a Run… It’s a Vibe.

Check out our ‘Upcoming Events & Initiatives’ page for information on our next Fewer Roads adventure.